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Big Bros Chapter 15

” I love Harry ” You looked at Louis and faced the paper at him ” Sorry, that was from a girl that, really like him. She gave him her name, address, and phone He likes her back too, but he’s mine” You smiled ’ Oh yeah, Liam, We’re doing a photo soot tomorrow. ” ” Can I bring Y/N ? ” ” I’ll ask , well bye I’m going to visit Eleanor.” ”Well, I will go visit Nandos. ” Harry and Zayn were still in the kitchen.You came to the kitchen and saw crumbs every were. You followed the crumbs it leaded into the back yard, you saw Zayn and Harry grabbing piece of cakes and throwing it at each other. ” STOP !!!!!!!!!!! ” You screamed. The boys looked at you and stopped. They grabbed a piece of cake and threw them at you. You chased them and, Zayn ran into the house. You fell down, and harry got on top of you, he hand cake in his hand and smashed it to your face, you found pieces of cake on the ground so you threw it at Harry, both kept on  you doing that. Then Liam walked in.
                                     Liam’s P.O.V 
I saw what I just saw. They stood up quickly stood up. I wish that was me. ” Umm, Harry can I talk to you in private.” ” Yeah sure ” Harry and I walked into the house and into the kitchen. ” You know I like her. And I got Jealous. ” ”Liam, Now I have feelings for her, I am going to ask her out right now.” Harry went outside and I followed him. Y/n cleaned up quickly.” Hey, Y/n , um will you go out with me ?” ”Harry I don’t know.I’ll give it a try though.” I was jealous I wish I should’ve done that first. ” Be at ”The Chinese” resteraunt ” said Harry. I went to my room and was thinking of Harry and Y/n,it was 7:13 . There was a knock on my room door. ” Who is it ? ” ” It’s me Y/n ” ’ Come in ” She looked so pretty. She wore a dress.image                                                  ” So, How do I look ? ” ” Pretty ” ”That’s all I get petty? Well, can you bring me to the resteraunt ? ” ” Yeah ” I drove her to the resteraunt. She got out of the car and went into the resteraunt.
                                     Your P.O.V
I saw Harry waiting for me at the door. ” Hey Harry, you look nice today” ” You too, shall we go in ?” ” We shall.” Harry was such a gentlemen. He opened the door for you, he pulled out the chair for you too. You two were talking about cats and dogs. Then the waiter came over.
Waiter : ”Hi, what would you like to order ?” she said in a Chinese accent.
Harry : ” I would like the fried rice . ”
You  : I would like the same.” 
Waiter : ” Okay, will take 15 minutes ” She was checking Harry out, and he was looking at her. 
You : ” You like her don’t you ? ”
Harry : ” No” 
You : ” I forgot to tell you, that I am very picky, and If I see any boys that if I see my date snogging with a girl. I would be sad. This won’t ruin our friendship right ”
Harry ; ”Yeah, If I snogged a girl, and we broke up we would still be friends. ” 
The food came and the waiter gave harry something. Harry read the paper and winked at her. ”So, hows the food y/n ? ” ” Good, How about yours? ” ” Great, I will be in the bathroom.”  Harry left, You were waiting and waiting and waiting it had been 21 minutes. So you went outside there he was. He had balloons and flowers. ”What’s that for ?” ”Oh, it’s my Friend’s birthday today, so I have to go. ” ” Oh, so you weren’t going to tell me, but just leave me in there ? ” ” I’m sorry Y/n   I forgot about you ” ” Okay so A friends birthday is better than a date ? ” ” I’m sorry, can you give me another chance ? ” ” Harry , I would but I’m intrested in Liam ” ” I knew it !” ” What do you mean? ” ” I knew that you like Liam but I just wanted t know if I was right or not.” You punched harry playfully. 

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Big Bros Chapter 14

(still your P.O.V )
It was Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn. Liam’s hand was around you like you  two were together.
Niall : You told her !
I looked at liam ” Told me what ?” ” Oh that Li- ” Zayn covered his mouth .
” Um…. Okay , well come on in.”  Niall ran in and ran to the kitchen ” Making cake . yum Liam makes the best cake .” You and Liam continued making the cake . While the rest were in my room . When we were done, we called the boys out . I saw Niall wear wearing my shirt and makeup. 
                                     Liam’s P.O.V
It was funny. I started laughing and rolling on the floor like Crazy. 
Y/n : Niall , That is my favorite Shirt, and Liam stand up .
I stood up, She chased Niall around the house, she got Niall pinned to the wall. ” Now give me my shirt back ” ” Fine ” he took it off. She was staring at his abs . ”  You like it huh? ” ” No I was thinking how you made it bigger.Now Barbra can fit in it..” ” Well there is still cake to be eaten up” I said.                                                                                                                       Your P.O.V                                                                                         All the boys ran in while I went in my room.you looked at your phone. There was a text message ” I know you liked I will be searching for you with out that guy. ” you knew who it was, you dropped your phone you closed the blinds in every single room, you ran to the living room and locked the door closed the door. You ran in the Kitchen and locked the back door and closed the blinds.
Liam :” What’s wrong with you ? ” You took his hand and ran to your room. You gave hi the phone, He read the text . 
Liam : ” Don’t worry I’ll protect you .” He gave you a hug. Niall came in.
Niall : You told her that you love her ?
he stared at Niall. ” Liam, you love me as a sister right ? ” ” Yeah ” said Liam. I am so confused I can’t tell him that I love him yet. Louis came in . ” Here is a piece of cake Y/n ” ” Thanks Louis ” You ate the one piece there was a paper in your mouth. you took it out and it said …..
                               Authour’s Note
Sorry this is short I got distracted and ran out of Ideas. 

Big Bros Chapter 13 

( still Liam’s P.O.V )
A tear fell down. I am going to miss her.
Y/n : “I am sorry, Liam” she wiped my tear ” I’m not leaving yet, I am going to leave on Saturday I was supposed to leave on December 31 but my step dad changed it. “ 
Me : I want to spend the 7 and a half days with you .Some days with the group. 
It brought a smile to her face. we went to go get Ice cream.There were a lot of fans. A fan pushed Y/N she went to another table. When I was done she said she had to go to the bathroom. I went with her, it was around the block.I was  waiting and waiting and waiting. I heard a scream . I saw what a 16 year old girl was not old enough to do with a boy in my opinion. I pulled them apart I punched him .
Me : ”Don’t you ever do that to her ever !!!!!!!!!’ If  you ever lay a breath or a body part in her you will be dead !! ” I threw him out the door . I found Y/n’s clothes, I threw it at her. ”Get dressed and we are going home” ” Liam t-t-thank y-y-you ” I ignored her and walked out the door. I was waiting for her in the car.
                                         Your P.O.V
Is Liam mad at me ? I didn’t do any thing wrong? I came out the door and saw Liam . 
You : Liam? are you mad at me.
Liam : No, But I just can’t believe that would happen to you. 
You : So………
Liam : let’s try to make cake .
You two had cake mix and the stuff. You made the cake mix and Liam was preheating the oven . Liam came over.
Liam : “That looks good .” You took the whisk and splat it on his face. Liam took a fork and took some batter and drew a mustache one your lip. Some one knocked on the door . We both open the door . It was

Big Bros Chapter 12

Then you two watched  Jack and The Giant Slayer. You fell asleep on Liam’s chest. When you woke up Liam was gone . So you took your crunches and walked to the kitchen. Liam was right there making pancakes. ” Morning sleepy head” said Liam. You sat down on the chair across form Liam . ” What do you want to do today ?” Liam asks. ” Festival !” ” Okay Lets get ready ” ” You forgot something ” you said. ”Okay I’ll help you” Liam was picking out clothes for you . He picked out this outfit image                            He helped you put it on, then Liam whore thisimage You two arrived . There was a giant pink bear. Liam payed the man . You are supposed to sing the song ” What makes you Beautiful. ”  Liam sang the song. He won you the pink Bear . You two had so much fun . Liam drove you to your house to get some more clothes.Your dad opened the door. Liam was be side you.Your dad opened the door.
Dad: ” Where the heck were you.You were supposed to be home yesterday !” he slapped you really hard.And you fell down
Liam : ’ WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR OWN DAUGHTER ! SHE EVEN BROKE HER ANKLE ! ” You could see the mad in his face.
You : ”Mom won’t even be back in 2 year . I don’t want to live with you. Just because mom is gone doesn’t mean you can abuse me. Doesn’t mean if my dad is at war you aren’t the boss of the house. You don’t even love my mom you just love her money. every night you would sneak out of the house and go to the club. And I am here to get all my clothes to stay at Liam. And don’t you remember that I might go back to Seattle with Alli.”
Dad:” Just get your clothes and leave.”
You went in side and Liam helped you pack .
Liam : Your going to Seattle ?
You : I might
Liam : Oh , so if you don’t like  it here you are going to seattle ?
You : ”Yeah so far I think I am going, It’s because I can’t stay away from my best friend she is like you excecpt she is a girl.” you guys were done packing. It was the same as last night but we’re watching Mirror Mirror
                                               Liam’s P.O.V
I am scared that Y/n will go back to Seattle, No matter  what I will be in love with her. She fell asleep,I kissed her on the forehead and whispered ” goodnight ” I turned off the laptop and went to sleep.I woke up and Y/N was gone so I went to the kitchen. She was there sitting on the chair with break fast. ” Now who’s the sleepy head now?” . She made eggs that are eyes and bacon that was smile with orange juice hand made. ”I can’t believe you made all of this. You are better than me . ”  we were talking, and I was convincing y/n to stay.”I might , Okay Liam ? I have to go change. come on.” y/n said. I picked this out for her.image I went in my room and changed into this image                   

Y/n : Liam ? 
Me : Yes 

Y/n : What would you do If I went away ?
Me : I don’t know . It’s the future.Why ? 
Y/n : I am going to go to Seattle.
Me : WHAT !?

Big Bros Chapter 11

" St-St, I tripped over my shoelace ."
“Well be care full next time . I will call the ambulances ” said Mr Finklehopper. ” Mr Finklehopper, I have to go with Y/N” said Liam , Mr Finklehopper nodded his head yes. The ambulance came .
Liam’s POV
I felt really scared . I am so mad at Stephanie .
Y/N : Don’t worry Liam , I’ll be okay .
I smiled and stared at her face .
Y/N : Can I see you phone ?
Me :” yeah here ” I handed her my phone . She was playing angry birds. She brought a smile to my face. ” What a girl can’t play a game while in an emergency ? ” We were at the hospital . I was at the waiting room , then the doctor came out.
Doctor : Y/n’s ankle twisted 360• she is gin though.
She came out with a pink cast.
Me : let’s go home .
                               Your Pov 
Liam was singing to the radio, It was really funny so I laughed . We were home . Liam made dinner. It was akward silents. You took your crunches and went to you room ” Y/N ! come back here right now ! ” That  was weird of Liam . You took plate and washed it. Then you went to your room and called your bestfriend Allison. 
You : Hi is this Allison?
Allison : Yes, and is this Y/N ?
You : No, it’s Lilly . YES it is Y/N! 
Liam : Y/N BE QUIET !
Allison : Was that …
You : Yeah. I will Be back in Seattle in December 31 maybe.
Allison : Yay , wait Maybe ?
You : Yeah If I like it here . 
Allison : I hope you hate there. Just Kidding .
You : Haha, so far I don’t really lie it here.
Allison : Why ?
You : Well there is a girl we tripped me and Twisted my ankle, and Liam is being mean to my now.
Alison : Oh, well I have to go now Bye Bye !!
You : Bye .
You ended the call. you went to take a shower . It really hurted. You went in you room with a towel around you so you can change in your room. you went in your room and put on you undergarments. Tears were falling down. Liam came in your room you put on the towel .
Liam : Sorry I was so mean to you .I was just mad at Stephanie. Why are you crying ?
You : Well It hurts when a girl is putting on there undergarments with a broken ankle. And this is really private so you for got to knock.
Liam : Sorry Here let me help  you. Don’t worry I a not a pervert.
He clipped the back of the bra for you. he helped you but on you clothes witch was really awkward. 
Liam : ”Come to my room so we can watch something.” 
You came to his room .You were watching After Earth .

Big Bros Chapter 10

Liam : What was the horrible dream.
You : I got raped by a hobo .
Liam : “Haha”
You : ” It’s not funny , and can you please put on a shirt , your abs are really attractive.”
Liam : ” Fine, But thanks for saying my abs are attractive.”
Liam got up and got a purple shirt.”So, do you really think me abs are attractive ?”said Liam. ”Yes, now can I go to sleep.” ”fine, good night baby” said Liam. you went to sleep. The next morning you woke up you were going to sit up to get ready , but Liam hugged you .
Liam : Don’t go yet .
You : I have to get ready, it is 7:30.
Liam : Fine, but when your done you have to come back.’
You : Fine.
You are going to wear this to school.
image You came in Liam’s room.” Is this outfit good ?” ”Yeah, but if a boy touches you tell me, because I am the only one that can” ” Well get ready Liam, I will be close my eyes.” Liam took your hands away , he was already . You went to school It was all the same. You went to P.E Liam : Hey, Y/N
You : Sup Liam .
you were running 2 miles then Stephanie tripped you . You ankle was twisted. ”Ow” You said ” Y/n are you Okay ?” ” What do you think Liam my ankle is twisted.” ”What happened here ” Mr. Flinkerhopper the P.e teacher said